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The framework of Project I See U serves to allow a portion of our profits to annually be allocated to three primary funding areas. The three areas outlined below, we believe, are key to supporting siblings in their overall well being. 


Mental Health Services

There are ongoing efforts to further understand the full complexity of how having a child with a chronic illness or disability affects everyone within a family. We are dedicated to funding research that explores the constantly evolving emotional needs of siblings within these unique family situations.

Obtaining mental health services can be extremely difficult because of barriers that limit access. We are dedicated to funding initiatives and programs to enable accessing mental health services for children to be a little bit easier.

Youth Enrichment

Providing children with respite experiences can boost their self esteem and overall well-being. It can allow them to connect with other children and gain a sense of community. We are dedicated to sponsoring enrichment activities that allow children to have fun and be unburdened, for a time, by their family situations.


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